The 2020 Pandemic Helped me Appreciate "Self Care"

Hey Loves,

Artyce here, how are you all feeling? 2020 was a different year right? Covid-19 devastated our World, Racial Tension ran high here in The States, A Historic Presidential Election, where a Women of Color was selected as our First Vice President, Yass Kamala Harris! To say the least 2020 was eventful. I found myself in a position I have never imagined. I am a 16 year Licensed Cosmetologist, who has worked in the Beauty Industry ALL my adult Life. I have always had the opportunity to service my clients, and to guarantee that I could service them in weeks to come! In late March of 2020, those luxury services that I was able to offer my Boss Woman clientele took an abrupt halt. “Oh No”, I thought what will my clients do without me? What will I do without my clients? Thankful for my savings program, I began for first time Ever, a six week Government Mandated “Vacation” in my house. What am I going to do with myself??? With all the talk around Covid and who is more at risk, I decided to take this time to Cook homemade meals, with organic products. This time learning to fortify my body with the right tools and vitamins, helped me lose some weight. I took time with my family as we cooked together, walked together, watched movies and share family stories and memories together! I had time to set new goals, I began running (which I never did in my life), I took alot of online classes for my business, for Yoga and Meditation! I took time to talk with loved ones I had been to busy to talk with (I thought). I slept in, I stayed up late and had sleepovers with my 11 year old daughter Taylor, where I shared some feminine Golden Secrets about a Woman’s Worth in this world, how us woman should support and cheer each other on, and how as a women of Color we should share our hearts with All Woman because our struggles are not that different! Taylor and I built an unbreakable bond of Sisterhood, yes she is my child but she is a young lady and she needs to know how to navigate in this world. I got to finally rest, I got to pray, mediate, to create, I read more, and learned what truly made me happy and guess what? To my surprise none of it had to do with Money, which truly surprised me. I realized that I was working so hard at the salon to be the BEST, to be the most Successful, to pay for time that I can not get back. I actually had my best Vacation in my own home with my family. I didn’t abuse my hair (as normal) my hair grew so thick and healthy! Pro tip sometimes less is more, our hair, skin and nails, can do their job if and when we create the right environment for them to do so. I didn’t abuse my skin with make up everyday so my skin flourished. My nails grew, I learned that all my beauty needs, still were needs but I remembered that I could perform my own “Self Care” at home. Now I did miss my Spa Visits and have since returned back. 2020 helped my Self Care Routine tremendously, I now know that I have to take Time to focus on my physical, mental, and spiritual Health. Drinking wine while cooking your favorite dinner is Self Care. Laughing on the phone with along time or new friend is Self Care. Taking and online fitness class is Self Care. Writing in you journal is Self Care. Anything that brings you true peace, true happiness, true balance and inspires you to reset and fill up your own cup, before (as we woman do) you pour into work, family, friends, etc is SELF CARE! You deserve to reset and it took 2020 for me to realize that and actually practice this Faithfully. I challenge you to Slow down, and once a day perform one act of Self Care. Drink coffee while listening to your favorite song. Read an article on your favorite topic. Write down some goals you want to achieve. Call someone you love and rekindle a happy memory of you all. Say NO, when it doesn’t serve you! Always Say Yes to you first! This is Self care, thank you 2020 for showing me, this principle. ~ You can’t pour from an empty cup! Tell me your Self Care Routines and Tips, I would love to hear from you!

Self Caring My Stress away...

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